Sustainable investing | Kames Capital
  • Sustainable investing

    At Kames Capital we use our collective investment management expertise to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security. The investment products and services that we provide aim to deliver value to clients over many years. This demands that we take a long-term approach to managing our own business.

  • Managing a sustainable business

    We aspire to meet the same standards for our own business as we demand of the companies in which we invest.

    • Recruitment and employee diversity
    • Promoting green travel
    • Managing our carbon footprint

    How we invest responsibly

    We believe it is our responsibility to encourage companies to maximise investment returns through good governance practices, including respect for society and the environment.

    • Investing across asset classes
    • Associations
    • Corporate governance and engagement

    Our sustainable history

    We are a market leader in managing ethical and sustainable funds, where we have over 25 years’ experience.

    • Key milestones
    • Fund launches
    • Awards
  • Sustainability annual report

    Sustainability Annual report front cover

    We have a longstanding commitment to sustainability. But what we have not done before is to report on our activities in a single place. This is the purpose of our Sustainability Annual Report. We want it to set a baseline for our company-wide commitment to continual improvement in sustainability measures.

    Only through acknowledging the change around us can we seek to manage its impact for the benefit of our clients, employees and the communities in which we live, work and do business.